It’s Lonely In The Dark

By: Sarah Coon

Have you ever been stuck somewhere that is so dark, the you absolutely can’t see anything?  You feel like you’ve gone blind in the dark.  Your eyes will adjust a little bit, but it’s so dark that even when they do adjust you still can barely make anything out. When it’s that dark you stumble and run into tables, corners, walls, all sorts of things that you didn’t expect to pop up.  It’s painful and really really annoying.  I sometimes do this just walking around on a daily basis, in a dark place I get be beaten up severely.

Sometimes life feels like that.  Like you can’t see anything around you.  These land mines keep popping up out of nowhere and blowing your world away.  Then you look around to try and get a little support or assistance, and all you see is darkness.  It fools us into thinking that everything we are going through and have had happen to us in our lives, leaves us alone.  Like we are the only one that has dealt with our problems.  We know it’s not true, but looking around you just see nothing and no one that could help you out.

It’s a lonely place in the dark.

Jesus says that we don’t have to walk in that darkness.  Walking all alone in our pain, sin, and past.

John 8:12

When Jesus spoke again to the people he said ” I am the light of the world.  Whoever follows me will never have to walk in the darkness, but will have the light of life.”

I see this and the first thing that pops into my mind about this scripture is that Jesus came so that we don’t have to walk around in our own shame and darkness anymore.  But the more I think on this and really try to apply it to my situations, I have to see another beautiful aspect of his comment.  Jesus shines the light on us, not to shame us, but to free us.  We now have the chance to show others they really aren’t alone.  When the light turns on it hurts at first. Your eyes do not want to open to your surroundings.  When you do however, you see things differently.  I want to use the light that has been given to me to show others they are not alone. I want to be completely transparent so that people can see the yuck that I have been through.  There is no worse feeling than going through the junk this life throws at you and feeling like you are all alone in it.  Feeling dirty and ashamed. Like all those people in church don’t get it. They haven’t done what I’ve done.  They couldn’t understand. I’ve had things happen that no one should have to endure.  They’ve had it pretty easy.  The lies that we hear in the darkness can trap us.

Jesus is the light! He allows us to show others what our own darkness was.  We can hide in the dark!  When you are in the dark it becomes a comfort zone.  It hurts, and we don’t really like it all that much, but guess what, sometimes it’s all we know.  And when there is no one to show you what there could be, we stay in our darkness.

“Everybody has a heart that loves to hide”

– Francesca Battistelli

Life in the light is beautiful. You get to see all of your surrounding. You have the opportunity to try and avoid the obstacles, even if you are clumsy like I am. We know the dark but it’s painful.  If we could get to know the light we would see we aren’t alone. It’s still going to be occasionally painful because we live in an evil world,  but we will never be alone in it again.  The light shows you a community and family that comes together for the purpose of helping each other and saving those in the dark.  Sharing the light.

If you were in a cave and had to light a torch you wouldn’t hide it from others, you would share it.

The way out of the darkness is Jesus.

Our truth and worth is found in Jesus.

The life we were meant for is only achieved in imitating Christ and being a light

to others in the dark.


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