The Whispers


David was surrounded by people plotting to take his life. In a very real sense. I can say with full confidence that I don’t have anyone plotting my murder. Even though sometimes it feels like everything is against me. Pulling me and stretching me until I have nothing left.

It really doesn’t matter what it is that is tugging at you to get your attention. Children, a dirty house, a new business, moving, a new church and friends, starting over, that all tugs at me right now. They whisper for my attention. Distracting me from the well of life. Having time with God.

To be completely transparent, they win, way more often than they should! I allow my time to be over taken by the things that whisper to be first priority. They pull and pull until I feel like I have nothing left inside. My life becomes chaos.

But I trust in you O Lord;

I say ” You are my God.”


It is such a powerful thing to stop and say in a loud voice “You are my God.”  Taking back control of myself and submitting to God’s control.  The struggles and temptations of this world can take our life if we let them.  They can take over and wreak havoc. Yes, it’s a choice! No matter what you’re going through, you have the choice to stop, sit down with God, and tell him “You are my God.”

Sit down, write down everything whispering for your attention, and then submit to God’s control. Putting God first above all else is the only way we can keep our life, because everything of this world is whispering to take it. As long as God is first, there will always be time for all other necessities.

My life and my family are so much better off when mamma gets her time with Jesus!