Something to complain about

   I don’t know if you’re like I have been lately, but I can find something to complain about in almost any situation I’m in. Now that’s not to say I am usually a complainer, because I’m really not, most of the time, we all have our moments. I would say I generally am on the optimistic side of things. Lately, however, I have found myself finding something to complain about. 

   We recently moved across the United States, from Pennsylvania to Colorado. The drive was long, but we survived. The house sale was chaotic, and took longer to close than expected, but we’ve closed and received payoff.  Sean started a new job, it has been a tad stressful, but he’s already rocking it out! There are so many things to be grateful for. We live closer to family, have an amazing townhouse that is more than we could have hoped for, we have income within weeks of moving, and the girls are adjusting pretty stinking well. My oldest is having a hard time with the separate floors, but she’s beginning to move past that fear.  Yet, I still manage to find something to complain about. I have found myself saying ” yeah that’s all great, and I know we’re here for a reason but… I wish we were closer to the city. I wish we could get more involved in the church. We could if we were closer.” 

   This line of thought has put a kind of “funk” in our house. I was struck today, as I was worshiping, with a mental slap in the face. Amanda cook sings Voyage, one line says 

          “What if the path you choose becomes a road, the ground you take becomes your home?”

   I thought what if the choice I make, to see something to complain about, becomes my home? Do I want to lifeline in this state. In this sort of dull drums I have put myself in by thinking what if, if I could only? There are so many different paths you can take yourself down.

   We choose where we take ourselves.  For a long time I thought that it didn’t matter what I put into life, that I was going in a certain direction no matter what I chose.  Circumstances put me in a certain spot and I didn’t have a say in how I got there.  It took a while for me to realize that no matter what is thrown at me, or put in my path I get to choose how I deal with it. I get to decide if the way that person treated me is going to ruin my day or not. I get to choose to see good in every situation, or sit and find something to complain about.  

     It’s not just about complaining though. What if the path you’re leading you life in right this moment becomes a paved road?  Would you be happy 10 years down the road?  Will you feel completely fulfilled?  Is it drugs, alcohol, sleeping around, complaining, anger, or any number of things that put us in a funk.

   There are so many different choices we can make in everyday and in every moment. I don’t know about you but to think about my decisions in a different light, and contemplate “what if this path I am going down eventually just becomes a home to me?” Is that where I really want my life to end up. If not, I need to do some adjusting!

I encourage you, think about the path you are on right now.  If you keep going it’s going to become a road, easier to travel down.  Then it’s going to become your home. The place where you stay and have to work to leave. If where you’re headed right now becomes your normal, would you feel great about where you’re at? I know I wasn’t feeling like that! I need to make some adjustments to get myself back to where I need to be.  Get in my word and focus on what God really wants from me.

Thank you God, for loving me enough to care more about my character than my comfort! I pray you continue to change me and make me new daily.