Beauty of brokenness

                                      There is beauty in brokenness.

Scars tell stories. I have scars from adventures, falls, trauma, even child birth. Every one of my scars tells a story about where I’ve been and the things I’ve done.

I remember one time years ago, my family went up to Lake Tahoe for the Fourth of July.  We packed this huge raft, it even had its own anchor. We were going out on the lake and I thought it would be an awesome idea to jump onto the raft. My face landed on the bag filled with rocks, the anchor, and my chin split open.

I can be stubborn sometimes. This moment was one of those times. I refused to go to the hospital. I didn’t want to miss a single moment with my family, or the fireworks, so I stayed at the lake. My husband and I walked up to the store and bought butterfly stitches to try and piece together my wound. It wasn’t done very well because none of us really knew what we were doing. All I had was some Aleve and it was not doing much to dull the ache that was spreading from my chin. 

Finally I decided I couldn’t stand the pain and I just wanted to go home because I was having no fun. When we got home I tried to clean up my cut and we realized if I didn’t get it taken care of properly it could become a lot worse than it needed to be. I finally broke down my pride and went to the ER and took care of my chin the right way. 

                   The beauty of brokenness is that there is healing.

                The beauty of brokenness is that you can be mended.

I couldn’t take care of it, the right way, on my own. I needed someone who not only could see it in a different light, but someone who actually knew what the were doing.  We have this mindset that we can, or need to, do it all on our own. We cheer ourselves on, trying to be independent of all else. We think that we need to be strong at all times. Feeling like leaning on God is a crutch, it makes someone seem weak.

      The beauty of brokenness, is finding the joy in leaning on Christ.

         The beauty of brokenness is knowing that at the end of me,

                                   Jesus is already waiting there. 

Not all of our wounds are physical. We need to find the proper “treatment” for our suffering to keep them from festering and infecting every aspect of our lives. Jesus came to be our treatment. To lead us to the one physician who has the knowledge to heal our brokenness.

 The beauty of brokenness is that it leads us to the one who loves unconditionally, heals without limit, provides without asking for   anything in return, gives scandalous Grace, and never leaves our side.

This world will break, crack, and shake us to our core.  Jesus came to mend us. When you’re wounded you seek the person best suited to treat what ails you. A surgeon, and family physician, an neurosurgeon, what ever you need you find the specialist.

                                                Jesus is our specialist. 
               The beauty of brokenness is that it leads to wholeness.