My big mouth, made perfectly

God is not schizophrenic. He did not make you one way only to use you another. 

Brian Houston: live love lead.

I love that! God didn’t make you one way only to use you another. Sometimes the character traits that we have can cause us to be insecure. We try to hide certain things about ourselves until you really get to know us. Then your stuck with me so ha ha deal with it. We are afraid that we won’t be accepted if people saw… About us. Sometimes the things that make us so insecure are actually exactly how God intended to make us.

I am an outgoing person. I know this not only by the way I act but because Myers Briggs confirmed it, bam, end of story that’s who I am. I talk A LOT, about anything really, but I like to be open and talk a lot about my life and what I’ve dealt with and gone through and all the juicy details of my marriage when it’s brought up. My husband hates that one. We’ve actually gotten into argument over arguments I’ve brought up in groups. Oops.  It makes me giggle because sometimes something semi embarrassing will happen and my husband response will be “that stays here, please don’t share that with EVERYBODY.”  He knows me so well now. It has been almost 9 years! Gasp, that can’t be I’m only 19 still, at least I like to think I am. 

For a while I did not mash well with my big mouth. We did not get along, it embarrassed me too often, so I just didn’t talk much. Outside of the 3-4 close friends I had, in high school I probably looked kind of shy. We compare ourselves and our traits to everybody around us to determine if it’s “normal” or not. If we don’t feel like we fit in because of it we hide that characteristic.  I feel like there’s always been and there will always be the mentality of what looks good. Now we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media to catch a glimpse of the highlight real of all the good times in our life. Back in the day it was only phot albums, but I don’t believe my mother has any pictures of the MANY tantrums I threw. There was the mindset of putting on you “best face” for others, still is there.  When all we see of someone’s life are the glory moments it makes us feel less than, and lacking.

What it my “yuck” moments were the “hallelujah! I’m not alone” to someone else?

Im a woman so obviously this is coming from a woman’s perspective, but I know for a FACT that many men feel the same exact thing. They may feel even more isolated because, let’s face it, woman tend to be more vocal than men. So guys please do not feel left out.

I don’t want to live the quiet “I’m fine” life.  I want to be REAL!  I want to reach out to people who are not as loud as I am and be there for you. Yes, I may very well scare some people at times with my God given gift of the over share. If I reach even one person who felt so desperately alone in their struggle, than praise God my big mouth is doing what it was created to do.

Psalm 139:14 

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful I know that full well.

My prayer for everyone who reads this is that you can take what you, and maybe those around you, see as a flaw, and your eyes are opened to see how wonderfully God made you.  We cannot please everybody with our glowing personalities, but I pray that we can strive everyday to please Him with what He has given us. 

God has taught me that my big mouth has been made perfectly, and with a purpose! As long as I use it for him and His will, not mine. That is when my big mouth gets me in BIG trouble!