Shine a little light on Elsa at 2AM

John 1:4-5

   In Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.  The light shines in the darkness and darkness has not overcome it.

I love this verse! Such beautiful words to describe the light of Jesus.

Darkness tends to freak people out when we first encounter it. Once we’ve spent a few minutes in the dark our eyes start to adjust to the change and we can see a tiny bit better.  Not enough to make the weird shadows and shapes we see to be completely normal, but enough to not be like a skittish cat who has just seen a zucchini for the first time. Most of us, I do not speak for all of you because I have a few friends who definitely fit into the later category.   Recently my husband went away for a few days on business and being in a new house alone was VERY different from the other times I have been alone. I’m not usually one to freak out or even worry about being attacked (even when I probably should be.)  For some reason the dark was super creepy this time, not to mention the fact that me feet just happened to find the one toy my girls left in my room. Right in the middle of my path to the bathroom no less. So as I am trying to fall asleep the shadows are freaking me out. My mind is wandering to all the crazy scenarios of a creeper hiding behind mu husbands golf clubs. The shadows were just that, my husbands golf clubs.  I’m still not 100% sure why they’re in our bedroom so please don’t ask in the comments.  Funny how your mind wanders when its dark, but not in the light.

Then of course 2 am rolls around and I need to go to the bathroom. Having a few kids has forever changed the “normal” of my bladder function.  Walking to the bathroom, my foot just happens to find the toy in my path.  I had it all panned out, get up, don’t open my eyes, pee, get back in bed and sleep!  That was the plan, no diversions.  My little trip did not go as planned.  Light was super helpful in that moment because I needed to FORCIBLY remove Elsa from my room. The darkness allowed her to hide in plain sight, if I had a light.

The darkness also helps thing sneak in when and where we least expect them. More serious things then an Elsa doll.  Things that can slightly shift our character, or how we talk to others.  The things we allow into our eyes and ears change when the light is shining on it all.

The beauty about light is that the INSTANT you illuminate it, the darkness disappears completely!

5- The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

You can’t have darkness where the light is. What light won’t do, however, is move what needs to move. I turned that light on and Elsa did not magically get up and move herself from under my foot. I had to intentionally remove her, and put her where she belongs. (the next morning)

4- In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

Jesus has the light we need, and he poured it out by pouring his life out on the cross for us. He poured his life out so we could have the beautiful and precious gift of sight.  Being able to see where we were once blind.  we have the ability to see the pesky little things that have made their way into our hearts.  Everything that we do, see, and hear somehow makes its way to our hearts, whether we feel it at first or not.  You will feel it, hopefully not at 2am in the dark, but you will.  We all do!  Our sin can be overlooked by us for a while, but in one way or another the light shines on it. The light won’t remove it for us. That takes work and intentionality on our own parts.

“Everyone’s got a blank page

A story they’re writing today

A wall that they’re climbing

You can carry the past on your shoulders

Or you can start over.

Jesus, he gave it all to save you

He carried the cross on His shoulders

So you can start over.”

Start over: Flame Ft NF

Jesus came so we can start over, but we can’t expect Him to do the work for us. What would we learn if we could simply turn on the light and everything that shouldn’t be there just disappears. NOTHING, God care more about our character then our comfort.  the opportunity is there, I want to grab it in both hands every morning and run. Share it with the World!

What will you do with your start over?