Set the Pace


Isaiah 61:3

“Provide for those who grieve in Zion-

To bestow on them a crown of beauty

instead of ashes,

the oil of joy

instead of mourning,

and a garment of praise

instead of the spirit of despair.

They will be called oaks of righteousness,

a planting of the Lord

for the display of his splendor.”

I know what it means to live my life WITH Jesus, making sure I have my time with him in prayer and reading my bible.  Cultivating a relationship with him, it’s not easy, I think I have a pretty good habit going,  but that’s not all He called me to!  I am called to live a life that puts the glory of God on full display!

There is a joy and a splendor that I now know.  A love that came when Jesus died on that cross for me and my sins.  He has taken all of the ash in my life and molded it, into not just beauty, but a crown of beauty!  I don’t now about you but I look a little differently at royalty.  When I think of royalty I picture a certain dignity, and poise about them.  They stand taller, and straighter than I feel like I could ever manage comfortably. The simple act of wearing a crown places this sense of importance upon the person wearing it, in the eyes of everyone who sees it.  Jesus places a crown of beauty upon our heads not so we can feel important and better about ourselves, but so we can show it off.  The whole point of a display counter or rack is to make sure the material catches your eye and grabs your attention. How much attention is on you because of Christ?

There is a difference in your life when you live it with the purpose of displaying Gods splendor!  You become set apart from the crowd, in more ways than just the daily routines you have with Christ. Your joy becomes more joyful, your triumphs are even more amazing because they are to show Gods glory and not your own! Your everyday life becomes all about HIS purpose.  The purpose of displaying the amazing, life changing, life in Jesus.

This post originally had nothing to with Gods splendor or living on fire for Him and what he has done for me. God clearly had different plans. I sat down at my computer with my notebook and my bible to write about Gods amazing ability of turning the ashes that were my life, to a crown of beauty. I guess in a way it still is about that, however, as I was reading and praying over this post to make sure that I am writing exactly what God’s really put on my heart, all I can think about is that last line…

“They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the Lord for the display of his splendor.”

We have been purposely placed exactly where we are with the task of displaying the Lords splendor in our lives. He planted each one of us intentionally in whatever place we are in our lives. The people we have around us, the opportunities that are put in front of us. I challenge you right here in this moment to think… are you displaying the splendor of the Lord?  Without a single word can people look at you and see the work of God?  Do they see the praise you give to God, the love you have for him?  Can others see a fire in your eyes for God?  Or do you blend into the crowd? Is your daily routine the same as those around you?  I challenge you, if you’re comfortable, then you’re probably not living a life fully displaying Gods splendor.  He pushes us so far out of our comfort zone and into the spiritual that it honestly freaks me out sometimes!  I can say without a doubt that I am not the most spiritual person I know, but I do know that I am challenged so much by this scripture to strive even harder to live ON DISPLAY.

I don’t want to blend into the crowd. I’m not just talking about outside in the “world” I mean everywhere. Church is an amazing play to display his splendor.  I don’t want to fall into a routine with anything, or anyone.  I want to live so closely and on fire for God that I stand out in the crowd at church. To set the pace for growth and outreach for God’s glory.

I don’t want to fall in place, I want to set the pace

I want a fire that I simply cannot contain. A fire that makes people stop and wonder what it is that sets me apart from everyone else.  When I’m at the store, right after my toddler has thrown a tantrum over the fact that I didn’t buy the laundry detergent she wanted. Even though she’s three and I don’t feel like she needs to have that much say in which scent I buy. Do I have grace and show life differently through my daughter, or am I like most of us who get instantly frustrated because she may be embarrassing me with her behavior? Am I rubbing off on my girls just from them watching me?

There’s sharing your faith, and talking about God, but are we living so out loud for God that it’s contagious?

There will be people who don’t like it! There are going to be people who think I am crazy for the way I live my life, and how out loud I live. The challenge will be to rejoice in that.


This week my challenge is to live out loud more! Next post I will talk more about this…

Matthew 5:11

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me, rejoice and be glad, because great is the reward in heaven for the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.