Living life out loud despite the noise of the world


Did you know that there are different colors associated with noise?  Until today I didn’t, I got a little bit nerdy this morning and was looking it up in reference to this post and “living out loud.”  I learned that purple noise gets louder at a higher frequency.  I thought that this goes right along with what God’s been nudging in my ears lately. The more we focus on living out loud, like purple noise, the louder we are going to be! How cool is that! I don’t even have to focus my effort on actually being loud, even though I can be quiet loud sometimes, I just need to focus on making noise for Christ more often and I will naturally be louder.

There is a noise to everything, and the world around us can get so loud. Work has its own noise, then there’s the kids.  They have a noise all their own, it’s not always bad, but can get distracting. You add in finances, good or bad, friends, family, a social life, dealing with life happening in general.  It all has it’s own brand of noise and it’s all playing at the same time.  We hear it, and the people around us hear it.  We hear the noise of others lives as well.  No matter what we do we are hit with all the different noise everyday.  We all put out a certain amount of noise as well, so we need to be conscious of what we are putting out, and what it says to everyone who hears it. There will always be a reacton to what people are hearing.  Some are going to like it and be super curious and others are not going to like it at all.

My husband was reading in Matthew about persecution, and was challenged by our lack of it. We’ve been challenged to really LIVE life for Christ, and in doing so sharing Christ with everyone we meet simply by being like Christ. Persecution just comes with the territory. People aren’t always going to like my opinions, ot my noise. There are going to be people who will make fun of me, talk behind my back and even to my face.  It’s not likely that I will ever face persecution that will lead to physical harm or death, though many still do every day! Either way, if I’m living for Christ the people who come across me should know it. I can’t help but feel like I NEED to be doing that more. With the “simplicity’ of the persecution I will have to stand against compared to the hatred others have to face everyday, I should be even louder. Am I? Not always, no.

Matthew 5:11-12

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you, and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets before you.

God knows what we struggle with, and he knows how selfish we are naturally. Our instinct as human beings is to completely avoid negative “publicity” against ourselves. Our humanness tells us to look out for me and mine, so naturally doing something to make someone else famous, to lift their name, goes against every grain in our body!

I know I can be super selfish, I don’t even like sharing my candy with my own flesh and blood for goodness sake. I hide it in a special place so they can’t find it.

The very nature of being a christian goes completely against everything we are naturally. We want people to like us, we want to blend in and be ‘popular’ or important.  You may not want it, but I know I want to feel like my life is worth something. Feeling like I need to do something special, to make a difference. I feel like there is a very large amount of us who feel like we “deserve!”  It doesn’t matter what it is, candy, vacation, more money, whatever it is we want we have this mentality like we deserve it. I wont get too into that though.

The one thing we absolutely don’t deserve, however, was given to us free of charge or consequence. Grace, the awesome gift that was given to us by God.  It is so amazing to know that God loves us so much that he sent his son to die on the cross and be sin for us, just so we can have a relationship with him. Even though he knew that humans would still disregard him, ignore, him and curse his name. He still sent him. That is how important we are to God. We are important to God. So much so that it can feel a little overwhelming or even unbelievable at times.

God wants us to live like Jesus. To show the glory that comes from God, and the amazing gift he has given us because of his love for us.  When we realize Just how important we are, and how loved and important others are to God, we share it.

“People that THINK they’re important think about themselves, people who ARE important

think about others.”

Hans F. Hansen

This quote is so true! we have an importance that has been given to us by what Christ did for us.  we have a love that, when fully accepted, just needs to be shared.  It will bubble out of us no matter what we do. Getting louder and louder the more we do.  It’s not a natural instinct, but the more we consciously try to live it out, the louder that will become in us.  Louder than our flaws, louder than the world around us. So that when people see us they will want to be around us, to know more about what makes us different.  Just earlier today I was out chatting with a neighbor who said she never comes outside to talk to any of our neighbors.  She will say hi and be friendly, but she doesn’t stay out and talk.  Then she said, “But there’s something about you, your always smiling and I just couldn’t help but start to talk.”  Just from me making the effort to choose to live out loud, she saw a difference and now I have the opportunity to share with her what life in Christ really means, and the freedom that is found in HIM!

I challenge you to wake up and just choose to live intentionally.  As you do that more you will get louder, and I want to hear about it, and remeber to be blessed in perecution because we are important to Him!! What are some of the ways you have noticed you life being “LOUDER” for Christ?