A motherly rant and how to cope

Can I just take a moment and rant a little bit about how stressful it is to raise 2 little women. It is my job as their mom to show them what it is to be a strong, confident, fun, loving and Godly woman. To be an example to them every day of Jesus’ love. So stressful! Then you add in the craziness of the world around us, and the pressure put on us to be the picture of perfection. We have to be beautiful, funny, skinny, driven, and stay at home, but then work because of women’s Lib. The list can go on and on and on about all the things a woman should be. I know it’s the same for men I just can’t give you a first hand about how they deal with that. Sorry gentlemen.

Love Yearned For

Peel back the outer layer of an orange and reveal the perfect little bite size slices. Observe the human heart how it functions and brings life to the entire body. Notice the birds and how they migrate south for the winter. See the vastness of the ocean and all of the unknown types of fish […]


Whether it’s the older catholic ladies outside of a Planned Parenthood holding graphic signs, a seemingly clever bumper sticker that you are forced to look at in traffic, or a disturbing article/ picture on your FB newsfeed, to a certain population, it all feels the same. Gut wrenching. You don’t have to tell me how horrific abortion is or describe it detail by detail. You don’t have to flash images in my face constantly, because I lived it. At one regretful time in my life, I chose it.