A motherly rant and how to cope

Can I just take a moment and rant a little bit about how stressful it is to raise 2 little women.  It is my job as their mom to show them what it is to be a strong, confident, fun, loving and Godly woman. To be an example to them every day of Jesus’ love. So stressful!  Then you add in the craziness of the world around us, and the pressure put on us to be the picture of perfection. We have to be beautiful, funny, skinny, driven, and stay at home, but then work because of women’s Lib.  The list can go on and on and on about all the things a woman should be. I know it’s the same for men I just can’t give you a first hand about how they deal with that. Sorry gentlemen.

As a mom I worry over my girls. I know, and often read, Matt 6:34 ” Do not worry about tomorrow because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it’s own.”  This seems to be so hard for me when it comes to my girls.  I have such a hard time not worrying about how they will tun out when they grow up. This may be because I often feel like how they end up will depend entirely on me. Who I am and the example I give them about what a woman looks like.  This freaks me out!  Can I tell you, at the end of the day, it is so easy for me to count the times that I may or may not have scarred my girls for life. It is easy to be insecure, it comes naturally.  I’ll blame Adam and eve. No one knew about body shame until they ate that stinking fruit! Now we know all kinds of insecurities, and I am really good at pointing out my own flaws.  We seem to be great at that in ourselves, especially in parenting.

I have this plan for how I want my girls to turn out. It’s all laid out in my mind.  I would really like for them to be funny, outgoing, respectful, loving people that know how to adult in life. Face it, we all know that person that looks at us like we have three heads when we bring up anything remotely close to responsibility.  I don’t want my kids to be that person.  I am doing everything in my power to prevent that.  When I continually worry that how they turn out relies soley on me and my husband and how we parent them, this sense of doom rolls in. I remind myself of all of my flaws. 

When I make sure to focus their attention on the one example they have in their life that is so much better than I could ever be, that is when I start to calm down a little more.  I get to point them toward Christ.  Praise God!  The other day I’m getting ready and my oldest comes in to watch. Nothing uncomfortable about someone staring at you get ready or anything!  So she’s in my room chatting away and I had a couple shirts out.  Apparently she had a very strong opinion about which one I should wear because when finally decided, “I thought you were gonna wear the pretty one mom” comes out of her mouth, in a completely disgusted tone I might add! Talk about a confidence booster…not!  Then I had to have a chat with her about words and how they can be hurtful. That turned into a conversation about the clothes we wear not being the things that make us beautiful, it’s what on the inside that really counts.  Yeah that was a fun conversation to have after a morning of feeling so insecure in the way I look and the clothes I have.  Kids will teach you far more than you ever bargained to learn. I was not prepared to be challenged by the moral I was trying to teach my daughter.

In the midst of me trying to teach my daughter by turning her toward the best example we have, Jesus, I was challenged.  The bible and Jesus’ life became so much more to me than just words I was explaining to someone.  They became real.  I got to teach her and myself something far beyond dealing with insecurities.  I learned once again the beauty of God’s word.


Deuteronomy 32:47

They are not just Idle words for you, they are your life.  By them you will live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to possess.

Moses is recounting the ways the isrealites have forgotten and forsaken God, and then come back to him.  He is reminding them of their story.  Then he challenges them to remeber that these words aren’t idle. They need to be a constant reminder to give them life where they’re going.  The words in the bible need to be this for us.  The bible is not just idle words. They each have meaning for every situation.  You can read a scripture 50 times and in every situation they will speak to you differently.

I love to read.  Everything from non-fiction to sci-fi.  I just love to get taken into the stories that I am reading.  These, however, are all Idle words. They aren’t going to lead me back to the living water.  They aren’t living and active books.  The bible however is! I have so much fun reading the bible and really trying to see what the heck they’re actually talking about. I mean there are some seriously crazy stories in the bible!  Everytime I read it I know that I can take something away from it because I know without a doubt that it is not idol words.

  I can take the lessons I learn and apply them to every single day of my life.  It takes time and energy, just like anything else that is worth it. Taking the time to have a good, quality time to sit down and be with God. Reading the bible and praying.  I want both of my girls to know who Jesus is. To be able to look to him for the right example of who they should be, because I am human and I will fall short.  I absolutely love that I can use those flaws that Ihave to point them to God’s grace.

The bible is not Idle words friends. It has so many stories and examples of to live and how not to live.  I know that as long as I make sure to focus myself and my girls on above, then I can rest in the knowledge that someone much stronger than me is holding them up.