The Secret to Radiant Joy

In this hectic world filled with things tugging at me every moment of the day, it seems I can find myself in a never ending cycle to hold tight to my joy. I like to laugh, and have fun. I love the feeling of my face hurting because I have been smiling so much. I like to feel the small accomplishment when my abs hurt from laughing. It makes me feel like I got a good workout that day.

I have found myself struggling some days to stay joyful. Things happen, children nag, the house needs cleaning, work piled up and I loose my focus. I become a little discontented.

I think there is such a difference between being happy and being truly joyful. You can see it on someone face and in their action and words. They just radiate differently than others.  I love that kind of joy. That is the joy I strive for every day!

I want to share a little secret with you. My secret to finding and staying joyful in the face of every situation. If you’ve read my post Growing pains with God then you have read all about this last year of craziness and frustration, sadness, and sometimes just plain feeling overwhelmed. If you haven’t read it, you should. God taught me so much through it about what I need to be focused on and who I need to be as a person, mother, wife, and leader.

Through this God also showed me where my joy comes from. What my eyes need to be focused on.  Joy, the radiant joy that spreads like a plague, comes from staying focused on God.

I encourage you to take time in everyday to make sure you look upon God. Point the focus of your day to the one who gives true Joy. Joy that seeps out of every pore and can’t be ignored by anyone. The joy that makes everyone wonder what it is that you have, that they need!  Pray, and read your bible. Psalm 34 is an amazing place to start.  A relationship that is one sided never works out. We have a relationship with God and if all we do is pray then we’re not allowing him to speak to us. Can you imagine someone that just talks and talks and never lets you get a word in edge wise? They’re probably not your best friend. That’s what it’s like when all we do is pray to God and we don’t take the time to read our bible and learn from the words God has for us. So make sure you pray AND read.

I hope you have an amazing day filled with radiant joy!!

If you need an ear to hear, please don’t hesitate to email.

We want to be here for you.