The beauty of the in-between

Today is Saturday, the day before Easter. Tomorrow is a celebration of the fact that Jesus rose from the dead.  Friday is celebrated as the day Jesus died on the cross and suffered tragically for us. I have never heard a whole lot of talk about Saturday.  It’s a day of waiting, the in-between.  There isn’t a whole lot of significance to the day in the middle of the miracle.

I can imagine all the people who watched Jesus die were thinking one of two things on this day those many years ago. They are either really bummed because they expected him to rise, or they are flaunting the fact that they didn’t think he was the real messiah anyways.  Hardly any time had passed really, I mean had it even been a full 24 hours since he suffocated on the cross and said “It is finished.”

How long are we willing to wait for the miraculous?  So many people were ready to write him off as not coming back. They believed in the words he was saying for so long but then when it didn’t play out the way they expected it, well then it just couldn’t be right.  Some weren’t even willing to wait more than a day.  It was expected to happen immediately, without delay!

That’s not what happened.  Looking back we can take today and feel the anticipation building all around.  I can imagine this tide growing, and creating this amazing atmosphere! When in reality it was probably anticlimactic.

Have you ever expected something awesome from a movie that was based on of an incredible book you read?  You expect something amazing to happen and it falls very short of our expectations.  Getting our hopes up for something awesome!  You read this amazing story with so many juicy details and the movie that was made is in a simple word, lacking.  I can imagine that is what everyone was feeling on Saturday.  They thought it fell short.  People barely gave the miracle time to build!

What miracle have you been expecting that you feel has fallen short?  Could it be that you are in your Saturday? The day right before the most amazing thing is about tp happen?  Are you turning around and getting ready to go home without a miracle just because you’re not willing to wait long enough?

The entire day Saturday was probably spent wondering if/when Jesus would walk out of the tomb.  Just because the miracle hasn’t come the way you wanted, or in your timing, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming.  Don’t miss out on your miracle because you’re not willing to wait out your Saturday!  Keep Faith and stay strong, Jesus didn’t raise from the dead in everyone’s expected timing.



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