Casting my fear on Him has a new meaning.

Cast all your fears and anxieties on him because he cares for you.

– 1 peter 1:7

I read this scripture this morning and even though I have read this so many times I can’t even count, it’s taken on a new set of feelings for me.  I just love how Gods word does this for me! I can read it over and over and in each situation of my life, each scripture will take on a new meaning. Gods word is living and active and every time I read it I understand that a little more.

So, today I read about anxiety and fear and it’s taken on a meaning so close to my heart. In the middle of turmoil and drama and worry about what people may think about me and my decisions, I have the opportunity to cast my hang ups on God.

I looked up the word cast. It seems simple and I had the idea that I already knew what it meant. I needed to “give it to God” as everyone, including myself, has said time and time again. But this morning when I read the definition it opened my eyes a bit.


1. throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.

To cast something it to be forceful! It’s not simply saying “ok God I’m gonna give this to you.” No! It’s forcefully throwing your fears and anxieties at God. Making sure you’re aiming it in the right direction.

I think about casting a fishing line. When you’re fishing you find the spot you want to fish, and then you pull the rod back and throw the lure so that it lands where you want it. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I need to throw pretty hard to get it where I want it and not 4 feet in front of me.

God doesn’t want us to set down our anxieties at our feet and expect him to come and pick them up so that he can take them off our shoulders.  He wants us to aim at him, make sure we’re sending them in the right direction, and then forcefully throw them at him. Sometimes it will take a few throws to get it where we need it to be.

Don’t give up if your aim isn’t spot on at first. It takes a lot of practice to aim, throw, and get it right where it needs to be every time.