Hide and seek: Unlocking the blessings, favor, and prosperity in the Bible

Have you ever played hide and seek?

I remember as a kid playing and it being one of my favorite games! Especially in the dark. Hiding above the washer in the laundry room closet, or under neath the bed with a bunch of clothes in front of me. Then the thrill of jumping out and scaring the seeker when they are about to find me anyways. Hehe, I wasn’t about letting them have all the glory.

There are at least 60-70+ verses about seeking God in the Bible. That a lot. I want to preface this post by saying I am in no way shape or form saying that God is hiding from us. This is only about our side of the relationship.

That being said, there is a standard that God asks of us in our lives. He lays out blessings and promises that are far beyond anything we can fathom. Healing, prosperity, peace, knowledge, favor and a blessed life. Those promises don’t simply fall upon us because we decided we believe in Jesus and him dying on the cross for our sins. The Bible says you dope, even the demons believe that and tremble. (Clearly that is my own translation and not word for word what the Bible says.) You may believe in God, confess Jesus as Lord and be saved, yet miss out on so much blessing that God wants to shower on you. Why? Because you’re sitting on the metaphorical couch and asking God where he’s at! The Bible VERY CLEARLY calls us to seek him. There is 100% no denying that God calls us to seek him and obey him.

If you have ever played hide and seek then you know what it means to seek someone out. You don’t sit on the couch yelling “where are you?” Unless you’re a parent that need a moment. I’m that case you aren’t really seeking them out.

To be a good seeker and win, you turn over blankets, look under chairs, open every single door and move furniture to find them.

When you actually seek God, you will work hard to seek him. Even when you open a door and can’t see him, when you face obstacles that need to move and he still isn’t underneath those. You look until you find him, and you will because you know He is there! There isn’t a question whether the person you’re looking for is there or not, you know they are, you believe in them. It’s the same with God. You believe in him, you believe in Jesus yet you’re sitting on your butt waiting for him to find you. Sorry that’s not how it works! You’re believe and now you’re waiting for God to “show up.” Without you seeking him you will not see the blessings laid out for you.

I can promise you it’s not easy. There are days where I don’t feel like praying! I don’t “feel” like God is hearing my prayer. I’m not seeing him. But I don’t stop reading my Bible. I pray through my “feelings”, because God is bigger than what I feel. My feelings will lie to me, God never waivers. Our feelings are the biggest deception that we face. Or at least mine are! One day I am on fire and then another day all I want to do is watch Tv and veg. You can’t base your relationship with God on what you feel that day. You will never get up from the couch if that is what you go off of.

Get up, put action into your seeking and you WILL find him. In finding God you will find access to prosperity, blessing, favor, healing, miracles and signs. The Bible says they will follow you all the days of your life.

Just like in the game of hide and seek there will be multiple “rounds.” Each day is new, and you will have to make the decision to find him every day, but dear friend it is ALWAYS worth the seeking!