The Secret to Radiant Joy

In this hectic world filled with thing tugging at me every moment of the day, it seems I can find myself in a never ending cycle to hold tight to my joy. I like to laugh, and have fun. I love the feeling of my face hurting because I have been smiling so much. I like to feel the small accomplishment when my abs hurt from laughing. It also makes me feel like I got a workout in that day.

Unfocused: 3 steps to changing your focus

If we sat down for coffee today it would probably be my third cup. I would have to apologize because my brain would be going a million miles a minute trying to talk to you while simultaneously making a bullet point list of the seemingly endless tasks to be done in the house. We would also have the children running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I would like to say that it’s just because it’s Saturday and have the energy, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I gave them waffles for breakfast. I was in the middle of doing something so I let my oldest put on the syrup. So it’s all the sugar that’s got them slapping each other and jumping on all my furniture.


Whether it’s the older catholic ladies outside of a Planned Parenthood holding graphic signs, a seemingly clever bumper sticker that you are forced to look at in traffic, or a disturbing article/ picture on your FB newsfeed, to a certain population, it all feels the same. Gut wrenching. You don’t have to tell me how horrific abortion is or describe it detail by detail. You don’t have to flash images in my face constantly, because I lived it. At one regretful time in my life, I chose it.

Living life out loud despite the noise of the world

Did you know that there are different colors associated with noise? Until today I didn’t, I got a little bit nerdy this morning and was looking it up in reference to this post and “living out loud.” I learned that purple noise gets louder at a higher frequency. I thought that this goes right along with what God’s been nudging in my ears lately. The more we focus on living out loud, like purple noise, the louder we are going to be! How cool is that! I don’t even have to focus my effort on actually being loud, even though I can be quiet loud sometimes, I just need to focus on making noise for Christ more often and I will naturally be louder.